Should You Drink Eight Ounces of Water Daily?

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It is a true fact that 70 percent of human body consists of water and it is one of the most important ingredients of our life. Adequate amount of water enables the body to function properly as well as it makes us feel healthy and comfortable. Drinking 8 glasses of water proves to be beneficial in many ways and it is very important that everyone should follow it strictly to stay fit and avoid problems such as headache, dizziness, weakness, dehydration, and more. Moreover, each body process requires water to function properly and hence even a small drop in water level in our body can affect us badly.

Let us see the benefits of drinking of drinking 8 ounces of water daily

  • Stimulation of Brain

Brain is the main part of a human body and is also part of the nervous system. Moreover, brain cells include plenty of water. When adequate amount of water is supplied to the brain, it enables the body to function properly and circulates fresh, oxygen-laden blood to our body. In addition, water helps the brain to remain alert and fresh at all times and when the level goes down, the performance of the brain also drops.

  • Muscle

Water produces oxygen to the muscle and enables them to function for a longer time without getting tired easily. You must also ensure that you drink lot water during workout to boost the muscle strength. What’s more, water keeps our muscle lubricated and prevents you from frequent cramps, sprains, or strains.

  • Nerves

Nerve cells use electrolytes to transmit messages from brain. Right quantity of water is required to maintain the level of electrolytes.

  • Protection for eyes and mouth

Your external body organs like eyes and mouth also require certain amount of water. It keeps the moist for a long time and removes the dirt particles and other such substance from eyes.

  • Enhance beauty

Water cleanses our skin and keeps it smooth and healthy. This makes us feel young and keep our face clean and also prevents pimples.

  • Weight loss

Water plays a major role in flushing out harmful body toxins that helps us lose weight easily. It increases our metabolism that results in weight loss greatly.

  • Protects organs

Water is required to protect our vital organs such as kidney, liver, and heart. According to the study, people who drink about 8 glasses of water daily are less likely to get heart strokes.

You must avoid aerated drinks as they do not prove to be beneficial as much as water does. Drinking at least 8 ounces of water will add a charm to your skin and will also help in increasing your energy level. What’s more, it keeps our body hydrated and prevents problems such as migraines, hypertension, stress, and allergies. It also helps in digestion as small amount of water can result in constipation and other stomach problems. All in all, drinking 8 ounces of water every day is essential and very much required for our human body.

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