How to Make a Perfect Diabetes Diet Chart – Healthy Eating Plan

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How to make a diabetes diet chart

A disease that is found on every next door is diabetes. Nearly 4.5 million people of India are affected with it. Clearly diabetes is on rise. It is a disease related to metabolism in which oxidation of carbohydrates and glucose aren’t done properly. But still this can be reversed. The major reason behind it is lack of exercise, stress and tension. Having a proper diet and regular exercise can keep you away from the dangers of diabetes.

Here’s a diet chart. It’s not to be strictly followed but make some changes in your diet and reach near this chart.

Get up early in the morning. Always go for exercise. You can do yoga, go for a walk, do gaming whichever is suitable for you.

Add ½ a teaspoon of fenugreek powder in water and have it. Leave an hour and then you can have your morning tea or coffee. Make it a habit to add one teaspoon of sugar. You can also have sugar free biscuits or Marie gold.

Now for breakfast you can have upma, oatmeal or even sprouted grains. Always make it a habit to have a glass of milk without sugar or homemade fruit juice. Remember it’s a very important meal of the day and never to skip it.

Leave 2-3 hours after breakfast. You can have fruits. Fruits are very healthy. You can even have lemon juice.

At lunch its advisable to have rotis of mixed flour. But you can still have small quantity of rice. It’s good for your health if you have brown rice instead of white rice. Have lots of green vegetables. Try to avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes. Eat lots of pulses, beans, soybean and one plate of salad is a must. Foods rich in proteins like fish or skinless chicken is also good.

Take almost 3-4 hours break. You can have a hot drink like tea, coffee, soup or toast.

Then at dinner again after 4 hours you can rotis with vegetables. Its not advisable to take rice twice a day but if you haven’t had in the morning you can have a small quantity. Having a plate of salad is always healthy.

Before going to bed have one glass of cream free milk without sugar.

Things you must follow:

Always try to have small meals nearly 6 meals a day and never skip breakfast. This is very important in controlling diabetes. Change in your lifestyle affects a lot in your health. The experts say that if you try to lose just 5 % of your body weight there is a remarkable change in your blood sugar levels followed by blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Definitely losing 5 % is not that a hard task. Limit foods with carbohydrate. That increases you blood sugar levels more than fats and proteins. Prepare the vegetables with olive oil rather than vegetable oil or butter. Try and maintain a food diary. It is noticed that people who have a food diary are much more particular and lose weight more easily.

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