Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

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Staying healthy should be everybody’s priority. There are so many ways in order for one to be healthy. Many people believe that one of these ways is to drink tea. It does not matter whether the tea is green, black, oolong or white. All of these came from just the same plant. The said plant is called Camellia sinesis. There are just many benefits in drinking a cup of tea. These benefits have been examined already. Tea is made up of fat, protein and as well as carbohydrates. The advantages will all be discussed in this article.

What are the health benefits?

When one drinks tea, he gives his body a chance to boost mental alertness. It will also lower the chance of a person being exposed to cognitive impairment. L-theanine is responsible in alternating the attention networks which could be found in the brain. This affects the neurotransmitters and increases the alpha brain-wave activity. This is the reason why one becomes alert when taking tea. Studies done by elderly Japanese people will prove this true. Basically, the tip is to consume at least 2 cups of tea daily. This will be of help in lowering the possibilities of having cognitive impairment.

Tea is also capable of lowering the stress hormone levels of a person. This has been observed most especially with black tea. After a very stressful event, such tea could be of use in toning down the stress hormone cortisol. In a particular study conducted by the University College London, drinking 4 cups of black tea can drop off one’s cortisol. This is how helpful black tea can be.

Among the most obvious, tea can also help a person lose weight. It has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels. This have been the subject in the studies conducted in Japan and as well as Netherlands. Green tea can do the mentioned wonders. The decrease in one’s waistlines would be noticeable apparently. This can be taken for almost 3 months in order for the whole thing to work. The reason why this can help in reducing one’s weight is the fact that it can always help a person increase his metabolic rate. Green tea is also responsible in this. It can raise metabolic rates, improves insulin sensitivity and even speed up fat oxidation. Glucose tolerance is also one of the benefits in this. Energy expenditure will also be increased. Polyphenols and as well as caffeine are both responsible in such. They can increase thermogenesis.

What is even good apart from what has been enumerated already is the fact that tea can also boost one’s immune system. This is possible because tea comes with theanine. This is the one responsible in boosting gemma delta T-cells. This one is responsible in assisting the body to fight against infection. These are the health benefits of tea drinking. It is no longer surprising why there have been different variations when it comes to drinking tea. So, add this on your diet now!

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