Best 9 Foods That Prevent Gout

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Foods That Prevent Gout

“Will this pain leave me ever?” When first hit with the intense pain due to swollen joints, you may be pushed to cry out loud these words. You even hoped that the pain will just vanish and never ever get near you gain. What had just happened? The doctor will probably diagnose that you had Gout Disorder and confirmed it with the help of laboratory test. Does this disorder ring a bell?

Gout Overview

A normal amount of uric acid is usually found in the blood. But whenever this compound is detected high in blood concentration, it will result to a painful metabolic disorder called Gout. Gout is usually described as joint inflammation that exhibits excruciating pain. It is believed to be curable and preventive provided that there is strictly adherence to medication and treatment plans. It is also important to know the foods that prevents gout occurrence.

List of Foods That Prevent the occurrence of Gout

  • Watercress: Watercress is a good source of complex Vitamin C. As a common belief, Vitamin C boosts the immune system in fighting infections and free radicals that is excellent preventive measure for gout problems.
  • Flax Or Linseed, Canola Oil, and Walnuts: Occasionally, Gout is actually associated to obesity. According to recent studies, Flax seeds are a natural source of lignans- contains omega- 3 fatty acids, and high levels of dietary fiber that may lower cholesterol levels. Flax seeds consumption along with walnuts and canola oil may prevent the gout problems.
  • Cucumber: Recent studies show that cucumber has anti- inflammatory property that reduces joint pains in gout and arthritis. Its fluid-full components are a good way to cleanse uric acid concentration.
  • Cherries: Anthocyanidins is a potent plant pigment which believes to help lower uric acid level. This enzyme is particularly found in cherries. Every day intake of cherry- related fruits reduces the occurrence of gout.
  • Banana: This is a fiber- rich fruit that utilizes uric acid elimination. Also its low carbohydrate content is favorably good for those who suffer gout or arthritis.
  • Pineapple: Bromelain, a strong anti- inflammatory enzyme derives from all types of pineapple, is a perfect remedy for swollen joints. Plus, pineapple is also a good source of Vitamin C.
  • Ginger and Turmeric: Aside from its culinary usage, Turmeric and ginger’s anti inflammatory capability aids in reducing joint inflammation.
  • Fat yogurts and Milk: Fat yogurts and milk are the basic example of low fat dairy products wherein it reduces the chances of developing gout.
  • Whole Grain Nettle Leaf, Gravel Root, Parsley, Celery Seed and Birch: All fiber- rich and less in carbohydrate content foods are essential in reducing the gout problems and complications. Besides, this type of foods promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the above- mentioned foods are beneficial in reducing the risk of acquiring gout problems as well as good remedy during the gout attack. Pain may not vanish in instant, but these foods enable to lessen the gravity of gout symptoms. Significantly, increase fluid intake may also help diluting the increase concentration of uric acid.

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